Procedure for validating vehicles in Western Australia / revscheckreport-revscheck WA

The process of searching for a particular vehicle’s details in the state-maintained Register of Encumbered Vehicles (REVs) of Western Australia is called the revs check WA.  Once you have the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) then it is very easy to do a VIN check online. You can also use the chassis number or the manufacturer’s serial to carry out revs check.

What is meant by an encumbered vehicle?

An encumbered car means that you are still paying money for any part or whole car to the seller. In simple terms it means that the car was purchased with a loan which has not been paid off completely. Buying an encumbered car is a risky proposition and could have adverse side effects like:

  • A dealer may try to trick you into buying a vehicle with false papers
  • If you don’t have the revs check WA report then you will not realize it if the seller quotes a price higher than the market value
  • The dealer may give you wrong technical specifications of the vehicle.

Therefore, it is important for you to get professional revs check WA carried out before buying a vehicle.

Why is it important to carry out revs check?

Let us say that you are looking for a second-hand SUV and you have taken a fancy for one particular model you saw online. Without the Revs checkWA report you will just go see the car and if it looks ok, you will at the most take it for a test drive. If it seems to work fine, you will pay for the car and clinch the deal.

What happens next could be either of the following scenarios:

  • The car turns out to be stolen, is repossessed, and you lose all your money.
  • The car has encumbrances which you didn’t know about and you are left to pay the debts.
  • The performance of the car is not what you were told at the time of the deal.

Whereas, if you had got the revs check WA carried out by professional agencies at a nominal fee, you would have all the data on the vehicle. In fact, you would have known even the ownership history and accident records of the vehicle besides the other details.

About the revs check procedure

If you want to conduct revs check WA for the vehicle you wish to purchase, then you will need one of the following details of that vehicle:

  • The chassis number
  • The VIN (Vehicle Identification Number)
  • The manufacturer’s serial number

The chassis number consists of the last 6-digits of the VIN number. Vehicles manufactured before 1989 have to be checked using the chassis number. For all vehicles produced after 1989, the VIN number will give you all the details you require.

Without detailed revs check WA report, never venture out to purchase a vehicle. Whether it is a car, trailer, caravan, boat, or any other form of motor vehicle; a proper revs checkWA will validate the information given by the seller about the vehicle.